Thoughts on Priorities

So even before this bit of histrionics over the estimated cost of the proposed free community college plan—[] i wrote some thoughts today about how we deal with free shit in our society…

Utah proves that free homes strengthen the economy:

Multiple countries around the world prove that free education strengthens the economy:

Many programs show that free food increases people’s hope and removes one layer of subsistence worry, making them more able to do the work they want to be doing.

Programmable & semi-autonomous machines are making human labor nonessential in many fields.

Access to information is a human right.

Oh yeah and the maintenance of “the world economy” is just collective self-delusion anyway (

What I’m saying is, at some point we’re going to have to realise that we CAN give ourselves anything we need to all survive & thrive. Like, we HAVE that ability.

We’re simply choosing not to.

Thoughts on Priorities



Guys hear me out, you know I rented this copy of Majora’s MAsk 3D and it already had a savefile so I obviously tried playing it and the elgy of emptyness started playing backwards and blood came out of my ass and



Remember when Lady Gaga made a music video where she killed her boyfriend and everyone called her a genius?

Well, remember when Rihanna made a video where she killed her rapist, and the media was, “This is too violent for mainstream airplay.”

That is called RACISM IN THE MEDIA.


I think the fact that you are actively trying to learn is more important than the fact that you used to be wrong.

I mean, Pretenders: Always remember that and HOW you were wrong. Just don’t get so hung up on that that you forget to become less wrong.