Supermarket in Florida c.1958-61 © Joseph J. Steinmetz

Publix has recently announced it will offer employee benefits to same-sex couples.

It is an employee-owned store (if you work there, part of your paycheck is stock in the company) that historically pays better than most grocery stores, and kicked the shit out of the idea that “in-house graphic design must be bad” in the early-to-mid 2000s.

Their deli department also tends to make a pretty damn good sandwich.

I have worked there. When my manager found out that my preferred name wasn’t on my badge despite my request to do so, she immediately upon finding out walked over with me, told the badge lady that she would put it on my badge, and then proceeded to re-introduce me to every employee in the store with my chosen name and told all of them that they would call me by my chosen name without question.


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