“Nine hours of cinema entertainment without one female character is essentially, subconsciously, telling the female audience: ‘You are irrelevant. You’re not important to storytelling. You don’t have a place in heroic moments […].’ You know, it has a very damaging effect on the female psyche and we deal with that all the time in media. Women are always overlooked and there are all of these very, very powerful statistics around the fact that if there’s a woman in a film, she will only speak to men or about men, if she’s talking to another woman. There’s all these strange things that have become mainstays of our storytelling only because we’re still entrenched in the old patriarchy we were raised in and have come from. I mean Tolkien was writing this book in the 1930s, it’s understandable that he didn’t include women. It’s not understandable today to exclude women from a story you’re telling and I think I’m willing to take the heat if that means little girls are going to come away thinking they can have an impact and that they’re an important person.”

— Evangeline Lilly on the necessity of Tauriel in The Hobbit (x)


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