New page of White Noise! Also BIG NEWS!

Read it here! | Smackjeeves mirror | WN @ Patreon

[Dirty Laundry playing the background]

White Noise is now going to be part of the Hiveworks network as an affiliate! That’s exciting! I’m excited! I’m bad at a lot of things but I’m definitely the worst at promoting White Noise, and Hiveworks is here to help. This will let me focus more on just making good comics!

The big change for you folks is that the Smackjeeves mirror site will stop being updated in the next couple of weeks. It’ll helpful to me to have only one site to worry about keeping updated and current! The main site has a working RSS feed and comment system, and I’m hoping to get the mobile version sorted soon, maybe with help from the folks at Hiveworks (mobile is a little beyond me to code for.) So move your bookmarks and RSS feeds on over, it’s time for comics!!

Of course if you have any questions or concerns, let me know. Thank you for reading and enjoying White Noise!

Monday reminder! Did you read the new page?? Didja??

Weekend reblog and reminder! There’ll be a new page tomorrow—but only on the main site!


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