Hey Tumblr, watch STEVEN UNIVERSE!

I am writing to ask you to please watch Steven Universe. If you are already watching, good for you! If you’re thinking, what is that what? Read on.

tl;dr : Steven Universe might get cancelled soon, so please watch via this link or on your TV so Cartoon Network knows it’s worth showing.

Why should you watch?
1) Steven Universe is by a woman, about female empowerment, and generally exploring femininity, gender roles, and breaking boundaries. That includes having a cast with only one white actor. Out of the whole freakin cast. Read more here:…/believe-in-steven-three-reaso…/

2) It explores important themes including gender identification, single parenthood, abusive friendships, nontraditional families, controlling parents, and cloning (last one is a joke…kind of). All while providing a positive and hilarious show at the same time. This post talks about that a bit:…/five-reasons-why-you-…/

3) It’s beautiful and sounds even better. If you care about art, seriously just watch this show. Every background and every song is a literal gem.

SO please please watch this show/share this show. 

Here’s an interview with the creator and some cast (including Estelle!):

Even with the previous post that cancellation fears may be premature, this is all still great reasoning.


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