“I would never support falsifying quotes from historical figures as a method of advertising on the internet. That said, you should all buy more leatherworks from Tormented Artifacts, as they’re terrifyingly awesome.”  -George Washington

Spread the love that is Tormented Artifacts, hire him for some handiworks too.

Yo, what’s with that Buster Sword?

I was told there’d be a high chance of encountering Greater Nothwest Oni that day, and figured I’d better bring it along for the shoot, jut in case it was needed. Admittedly, it’s a bit of a light weapon for dealing with Oni, but I figured I’d take my time and loosen up decently first, rather than just annihilate it with the first hit. 

(For those seriously wondering, it’s one of these that I did a full repaint job on for my own personal use. And yes, I do other props and weapons (some repaints, but mostly fully handmade) for sale as well, but those are typically one-off items sold at events and such rather than online.) 


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