For any of my Jewish transgender followers.

Hi followers, mod Liz here. I looked into this person and the website they mentioned in the above tweet and it all checks out.

But ohmgosh, here is and it has some amazing resources.

For example:

Blessings for transitioning

Trans and Gender non conforming wedding service

and sooo many others. Like There are so many on their resources page that I cant link them all. Also to my knowledge all the material available on the site is written/sourced by trans and gender non-conforming jews.  This is definitely a website that I will be looking into a lot now and I really hope all our followers find it useful. 

Anyway, ill just leave you all with that. I hope you all had lovely new years celebration things and that you are all well.

Shalom 🙂

Just in time for Shabbat.


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