Guys can and should get the HPV vaccine. Reblog if you agree!

I do agree, but why so cissexist. Absolutely, having a penis should not be a reason to avoid the HPV vaccine. But some trans guys already get vaccinated (I am!), so the question of “whether guys should get it or not” is not a hypothetical. Everyone could benefit from this vaccine, not just cis people. It annoys me so much when campaigns are run on the principle of mollycoddling cis men’s masculinity complexes. (“Yes, get vaccinated, OTHER GUYS JUST LIKE YOU are getting it, you’re not weird for doing it!!!” No, actually, just get vaccinated because it helps your and your partners’ health.)

Agreed, especially considering that trans people have a higher risk of not being able to get proper medical care and sex education programs focus solely on straight cisgender people. Just like cis men are not getting the message that they need to be taking care of their health in ways like getting the HPV vaccine, We’re getting no messages about our sexual and reproductive health.


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