This is for a request made by sabrinahasablr :3

Tools for the Kitchen Witch

Here is a list of things that I would suggest that kitchen witches keep on hand. I know that we get a little caught up in the THINGS of witchcraft, but for the kitchen witch the things are much more simple and easy to come by. Also I feel like kitchen witchery is kind of about these things:

  • Wand: for a kitchen witch, the wand is one of the super fun items. Because… your spoon is your wand! Pick a favorite metal spoon or a wooden spoon, maybe decorate it, maybe not. Designate that as your wand, and make sure every magic concoction is given a good stir with it. Even use it in non food spell casting! Brandishing a spoon has a very unique and powerful feel to it ;3
  • Besom: the witch’s broom can take many forms. I like to have 2; a practical broom that I can use to clean and to cleanse, and a little broom for more symbolic cleaning. I’ll use it when I feel particularly yucky and I “sweep” out the air around me. I made mine from willow branches, and wrapped them in a long string to make the handle, and dipped the tip in wax. Easy! The kitchen witch can use any old broom to be their besom.
  • Cauldron: you’re probably getting the idea. The cauldron doesn’t have to be massive, cast iron, and hang over a fireplace. Choose a pot to be your cauldron. Specify it for magical concoctions. Making a super-charged soup for cold fighting? Pull out the cauldron! You can even use it every day, because magic is best when it happens all the time. I also keep a small ceramic bowl that I use as my mini cauldron, much like my mini broom, it’t for more symbolic workings.
  • Athame: any kitchen knife can become your athame, but having a special knife set aside for specific plant harvesting is I think a good idea. I also have a neat (and useless) arrowhead knife that I use for symbolic things in spells and rituals,
  • Empty jars. Lots of empty jars. Spells and storage!
  • Sewing kit: I really like making little sachets of herbs for various spells, and as a kitchen witch I’m always fixing and making things. Also who hasn’t had a button fall off their favorite shirt?
  • Herbs: There are a great number of dried grocery store herbs that I think a good kitchen witch will want to keep on hand, both for cooking and for magic. The are thyme, garlic, onion, ginger, bay leaf, basil, oregano, rosemary, nutmeg, cinnamon. Sage is of course the witch’s all purpose cleanser, and lavender is a great herb to have. These may not be as easy to find, however lots of lavender soaps and oils are becoming available.
  • Cook book: get the most all inclusive, massive, wonderful cook book you can find. Write in it. Find things on the internet and print them out. Build a massive library of delicious things to do with food.
  • Spell book: This is also your Book of Shadows. Every witch should keep a journal, notebook, and or their own personal book in which they gather information on their craft. Record everything, even things you later don’t believe. Be informed!
  • Notebook
  • House plants: House plants are air cleaners, mood boosters, and good friends. Jade and other succulents are extremely easy to care for. I feel that kitchen witches are well suited to keeping little friends, for good spirits and the like.
  • Candles: keep candles on hand, also for spells. Birthday candles are great for some quick magic.
  • Hearth: I know that in the modern world, having a fireplace isn’t going to be possible for everyone. Kitchen witches are about the home, and as such I think that we need a “hearth”. For the urban and or poor witch, this can be a stone, a candle, a jar, anything. Make it your center. Make it the essence of your home. This makes cleansing and assessing the energy of your home a little simpler. It’s also a great way to help acknowledge the home as an entity with a heart.

That’s it! Most of these are easy to get, not only inexpensively, but also at pretty much any store. And even so, I want to say again that not all of this is necessary. You just need a kitchen to be a kitchen witch, really!

Happy cooking kitchen witches!

Be warm and be well,


Rebageling this for my budding Kitchen Witchlings. Good ideas for getting started!

Always thought a stove, if you have one, makes an excellent fireplace/hearth substitute. I suppose in a pinch one could use a microwave though that’s probably best left to the technos.

And if you include some herbs in your house plants, that covers two with one.


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