So, for the past little while, kalimayablack, amazing entity that she is, has been trying to obtain for me a physical copy of The Policeman’s Beard Is Half Constructed, for the obvious reasons.

This is a picture of what the sellers have sent to me, instead, in two out of the three attempts (with one attempt never having arrived at all). As you can see, the order form clearly states what the book is supposed to be, but a Yiddish Phrasebook and a self-help/motivational business guide from the mid-1980s just aren’t the same as a book constructed by a language-learning algorithm.

On the other hand, they are both by Warner Books, with one from 1983, and the other from 1986. Their ISBNs are 0-446-38193-4 and 0-446-38281-7. So The range isn’t bad, it’s just the Specific Targeting that seems to be off. I wonder who’s doing the sorting/checking over at amazon that this keeps happening… [EDIT Just informed that it’s someone on the direct seller end who is misentering them into amazon’s system. Which raises other, more  annoying questions like, “How are you not reading these titles and correlating them with ISBNs,” or “Why would you intentionally DO that?!”]

Anyway, if this keeps up, eventually I’m going to be able to attempt to construct the intended book out of a Borgesian(*)/Burroughs-esque cutup technique.

…Which would be oddly appropriate.


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