Previewing Emma Rios’ and Hwei Lim’s stunning 8House mini-series, Mirror:

‘Emma Rios’ and Malaysian artist Hwei Lim’s Mirror is a story set in an isolated colony growing around a landed lab starship. This community is a safe haven in which magicians and scientists of the House of Healers experiment with the satellite’s local fauna to create human/animal hybrids, the experiments a means of obtaining insight which could then be utilised to win political favour in a desperate cosmic war. The growing band of hybrids, however, want nothing to do with war or politics, and especially not with their patronizing human creators; and want only to be left to live in piece and on their own. Hwei Lim has done  an utterly breathtaking job on these pages- the colours and lines are so crisp and clear, and just take a look at those panels and layouts- the arcs and circles, that architectural design incorporated into the cutaways- seriously stunning. I can’t imagine people looking at these pages and not wanting to pick this up. Very much excited for this series.’


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