The twilight of the gods will happen like this.
There will be three years of terrible winters, and summers of black sunlight. People will lose all hope, and surrender to greed, incest and civil war. Midgardsormen, the world serpent, will come lunging from the ocean, dragging the tides in and flooding the world. The wolf, giant Fenrir, will break his invisible chains. The skies will open and Surt, the fire giant, will come flaming across the bridge to destroy the Gods. Odin will ride out of the gates of Valhalla to do battle for the last time against the wolf. Thor will kill the serpent, but die from its venom. Surt will spread fire across the Earth. At last, Fenrir will swallow the sun. 

Dammit, and I was doing a REALLY good job of convincing myself I wasn’t hungry, right now…


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