Hi Tumblr. 

I know you all are up for social justice, as shown in the Ferguson and Charlie Hebdo issues. But i’d like to bring out into spotlight an issue you’re all ignoring, or are simply not informed of it.

In this pictures you see people of Argentina out in the streets, protesting with signs such as “They can’t ‘suicide’ us all” and “I am Nisman.”. And you may wonder what’s this. 

Two days ago on his building in Buenos Aires Alberto Nisman was found dead, presumed of suicide. Why the anger, sadness and rage of my people? Because this was not certainly a suicide.

This man was one day away of the most important day maybe of his life. He was the prosecutor of a case of complete corruption in Argentina against our president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. 

In 1994 there was a terrorist attact against the AMIA. The Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (Here’s a link for more details: )

Nisman had information of a 10 year research he did which showed that our president and people around her had made negotiations with the responsable people for this bombing and was covering the hole thing up for them. 

It is a very serious accusation and he had enough proof and was pretty much excited with the whole case. And yet the night before he “shoots himself”. 

What’s more funny: Last week he said “This could cost me my life” as he was getting a handful of death threaths. The man had custody, but even with it, he’s now dead. With two daughters left behind, the eldest being only 15 years old.

A guy who wanted no more corruption in our system and was ready to fight for it. Was ready to fight for justice of those 84 people killed. He was ready to fight for a little more democracy and freedom and less corruption. 

And he is dead. 

He’ll never see his case develop. 

He’ll never see justice for what he believed in.

But, most importantly,

He’ll never see his kids grow up. 

So please Tumblr, don’t ignore this. Help us as you helped Ferguson, as you helped people of Charlie Hebdo. 

we are all Nisman.


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