aha aha ahaha ahahaha ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

And there’s SOOOOO many more examples than just that one. How about Sarkeesian’s single week of harassment she posted? That’s just one WEEK, alone. Or Zoe Quinn, fighting like hell to get her life back when GamerGaters are determined to see her burn.

In fact, talking about Ms. Quinn, these were posted TODAY:


And how about a couple from Mikki Kendall on the 25th?


And there are so many goddamn more, I could do an entire post just culling through JANUARY alone. It’s sickening. But nooooo, “what negative stereotype” the babymen ask. And oh, Brianna Wu exaggerated everything, never got death threats, was never forced out of her home, because REAL gamers wouldn’t pull that shit, right?

Well, THAT POINT I will grant you—REAL GAMERS don’t pull that shit, because REAL GAMERS aren’t misogynistic assholes with mush for brains. They’re just people, good and bad alike, but they value gaming, NOT divisiveness. Gamergaters no longer value gaming, they value hurting people more, over imagined slights they’ve made up and holy cows they’ve invented, purely to become enraged over.


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