Why does no one ever talk about rape victims and PTSD? Up until this Abnormal Psychology class, I’ve always been told that Combat was the major contributor to PTSD but damn, it’s 20% less than Rape. So please don’t tell rape victims to “get over it” or “its already over, it can’t change” because over 60% of rape victims have had their brain chemistry changed; PTSD is a mental disorder whether it is because of combat or because of rape.

This is SO incredibly important, you guys.

This is because rape is literally torture. Think about it. You hold someone against their will and do whatever you want to them. The more violating and intimate, the worse it is. You don’t get more of those than in sexual contact. Add in the trust that’s usually broken with rape, and the mental crap of turning pleasure into pain. This really isn’t hard to believe.
I wish I could find the original source for this image; I’d like to read the paper it came from.

Looks like it’s this one.

There’s a free full-text version at this link. You can just click the View button on the right side of the page to read it, or if you want to download you might have to make an account.

The actual graph isn’t in the paper but the raw data is there.

Statistics like these are why I’ve always found it to be bullshit that there aren’t many psychological service dog organizations that cater to rape victims. I found one in the research that I’ve done into trying to find a organization that could pair me with a dog of my own, but the overwhelming majority of service dogs for PTSD sufferers are exclusively for combat veterans.


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