BHM: let’s talk about lewis latimer

my first post on black history month is about lewis latimer. he’s a great way to begin talking to children about black inventors. whether you have a child or know one, it’s so important to begin decolonizing our young ones from what they’re taught in school: just google “light bulb invention” vs. “light bulb invention black history” — you’ll get two completely different results, because we do now, as always, exist in two separate countries. mm.

please tell the children in your lives that lewis latimer invented the carbon filament for electric lighting, replacing the too-fast burning paper filament of thomas edison. which means: edison’s bulbs were not sustainable, and latimer’s filaments were not only that, but far more cost-efficient.

moreover, latimer previously invented a toilet system for railroad cars, in 1873. he went on to supervise the installation of carbon filament electric lighting in nyc, philadelphia, montreal, and london. he was the person who prepared alexander graham bell’s mechanical drawings and the patent application for bell’s telephone.

and so much more.

wanna talk black brilliance?

28 days ain’t enough, cuz there’s no shortage *s

Wow, I never heard of Lewis Latimer until this post. Thank you for this.


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