Friday’s Forgotten Phonomancy

1) Me As I See Myself: Current 93 – [All the World Makes Great Blood]

“…Only once did GoodGod cry black
And then all the clockmovements start
To crick crack crick
By the hairs on my head
By the stare in my eyes
By the pain in my heart
I shall whisper through signs:
All this world makes great blood
All the world makes great blood
All the world makes great blood
All this world makes great blood…”

2) Immediate Influence: Tom Waits – [On the Road (Jack Kerouac) (w/ Primus)]

“…Rode to Opelousas, rode to Wounded Knee
Rode to Ogallala, home I’ll never be
Rode to Oklahoma, rode to El Cajon
Rode to old Tehatchapi, rode to San Antone
Home I’ll never be
Home I’ll never be
Home I’ll never be…”

3) Goal: Nine Inch Nails – 6 Ghosts I

4) Recent Past: Ilhan Ersahin – Thomas O’Malley

5) Further Past: Einstürzende Neubauten – Musentango (Live)

“…erst tanzte ich mit mnemosyne
die, glaub’ ich, eine echte muse war
dazwischen trank ich mischgetränke
die hiessen, glaub’ ich, amnesia
irgendwann fing ich an zu singen
und ich sang bis die putzkolonne kam…”

I only danced with mnemosyne
which, I believe, a true muse was
between I drank mixed drinks
which were called, I believe, amnesia
eventually I began to sing
and I sang until the plaster column was…”

6) Near Future: The Breeders – Sinister Foxx

“…Jumped tank
And leavin’
Broth of thieves
Has anyone seen the iguana
Has anyone seen the iguana

No one broke for me
I just got life
I’m in cedars
Every single night…”

7) Me As Others See Me: Coil – [Cardinal Points]

8) Further Future: Ego Likeness – [Song For Samael]

Meet me at the Red Sea
Meet me at the Red Sea
There are too many thieves in the kingdom.
I will give you the key.
Will you take care of this for me?…”

9) Emotional/Mental State: Apeboy – [Enya vs Prodigy (Lenlow Edit)]

…just go look at the lyrics for these two songs.

10) Ultimate Outcome: Kronos Quartet – Music for Piano

Clarification: Dionysos – épilogue

“…I hang my head like a snowflake-man in a burning sun
Because I’m my own ghost I’m really dead, this time
I’m dead like the corpse in their mother fucking graves
How romantic it could be to climb the sky in a hammock made of clouds
A hammock made of clouds my little one…”

Currently Playing:
Choronzon – Zero Divided By Infinity
Placebo – [Centrefolds]

Gary Numan – Absolution [Extended]
Auf der Maur – [Skin Receiver]
(A song which I still firmly believe works best when thought of as being about the Lwa.)

Friday’s Forgotten Phonomancy

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