Just Pen by Piotr Górski and Agata Zambrzycka

Independence is important for everyone. Unfortunately, for a person with such insignificant disability as the lack of thumb seams to be, life is not easy at all. We learn how to write in the earliest years of our life and it becomes an inherent element of our everyday life. When somebody is suddenly deprived of the opportunity to ordinarily use a writing tool, the disability starts to be inconvenient, it deprives of the independence.

woah, this looks useful for lots of disabilities that affect the hand though.  Like idk, but, maybe EDS?  and if you have hand dexterity problems and holding things is an issue (which can be caused by so many things).  I really want to look into this because writing by hand is so important to me, but, well, holding a pen isn’t the easiest thing ever



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