There Are 939 Active Hate Groups in the United States. Here’s Where They Live.

You don’t have to go far to find racism.

Overt racism may be stigmatized, but covert racism is alive and well. The key to being an effective racist today is to conceal one’s deeper prejudices under the guise of a seemingly non-racial cause.

Those who hate racial minorities today find a haven in causes that can be plausibly characterized as not racist, from Arizona’s draconian anti-immigration law and the widespread support for George Zimmerman to the racist presumptions of the birther movement and the University of Washington’s discovery of prevalent racist attitudes among the Tea Party.

Attitudes that were once open and direct are now concealed in the shadows.

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Incredibly important commentary.

And don’t mistake number of hate groups as the only indicator how LARGE they are.  Oregon and Montana are both full of white supremacists, even if there’s only a few groups listed on the map.;


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