The We Are Wakanda community is growing, but we’re still in the business of heroes. We’re still all about the people who inspire us to be greater and push us toward a better future. I think each person you see in the gifs above has done or is currently doing that in their own way, but they’re just some of the people who represent what #WeAreWakanda is about. There are plenty of you out there who have talent and work hard, but lack a platform to showcase your work.

Since we began I’ve been using our Instagram to offer that platform for artists. My goal is to expand to all forms of art and media, including: music, film, literature and more. Over time we will build a community that learns from, shares with, and supports each other.

For that to happen, we need to get bigger in a lot of ways. If you’re reading this, you can help make that happen! Here are the 2 most important things you can do:

1) Spread the word! Reblog this (shout-out some of your heroes if you see them in the gifs above!), share the link somewhere else, tell a friend, whatever you can do!

2) Pick up some WAW merch! We’ve been running a Teespring that’ll help fund some improvements to the website as well as the creation of a more permanent shop that will feature art, media and literature from up-and-coming artists/writers! The campaign ends in just a few days, so get your orders in now!


We Are Wakanda is still a one-man show for now, so I’m getting all of these things going as fast as I can. Your support of the Teespring and this idea in general is definitely speeding things up and I couldn’t be more grateful. I look forward to the future!



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