In honor of National Black History Month, I’d like to briefly touch on resume of one of my all time favorite creators in all of comicdome, Dwayne McDuffie.  Mr. McDuffie was one of the most inventive and prolific writers out there and I’m hard-pressed to think of another individual who did so much to expand the horizons of the super hero genre.  Along with helping to create Milestone Media, he wrote dozens of comics, headed the creation of the Static Shock animated series, helmed seminal runs on both Justice League and Fantastic Four, wrote many great episodes for Teen Titans, Ben Ten, and Justice League United, and wrote and co-produced many of the DC animated films (including Crisis on Multiple Earths, All Star Superman, and Justice League Doom). 

Mr. McDuffie died quite young due to complications from heart surgery.  He was only 49-years-old and at the height of his career.  Considering all that he had accomplished in his time, I can only image all of the further things he could have contributed had he lived a longer life.   

Rest in peace, Mr. McDuffie, and thanks for all of the great tales. 


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