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This is rad

we need a superhero like one of these ladies

maybe another hawkeye??

i didn’t even notice until halfway down the post when i read the “being the teacher with the robot leg” sign that i realized everyone is missing a limb. Biomedical Engineers are really outdoing themselves and it’s both fantastic and sometimes even glamorous. 


These ladies are part robot.

How much more badass could a person possibly be?!

metal as fuck

I didn’t even realize these women had prosthetics until picture 5. Modern prosthetic design is amazing.



Jupiter Ascending was even better the second time round. I hardly ever see movies twice in cinema, I can’t even remember what the last one was. It might’ve been Ong Bak and there was a whole social circles in different countries with staggered release thing where I probably wouldn’t’ve otherwise, and that was ten years ago (and I’m pretty sure we snuck in the second time). The only movie I’ve seen more than twice in cinema in my LIFE was The Crow.

I’m almost certainly going to see Jupiter Ascending in cinema at least one more time. Probably more.

I feel all tingly and smiley :3

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Still A Thing.

Guess I should add, for the benefit of new people (hi new people! nice to see you :3) this started two years ago. My internet spouse loves these bugs, and often said she wanted one for a pet, and that she would dress it up in a pink bow. So every year I draw her a Valentine’s Isopod.

But I mean. If anyone wants to make it more of a thing, I for one wouldn’t mind. Valentine’s Day needs more giant isopods in general.




Day 11 of #BlackHistoryYouDidntLearnInSchool – Ruby Bridges

I recognize that some of y’all learned about Ruby Bridges in school, so did I. But in school, I didn’t realize how difficult and harsh the conditions were for Ruby Bridges. I wasn’t taught that there were crowds each day threatening her, that her family was ostracized and lost their land and jobs, that she received death threats while in school. Some of the black history we learn in school is downplayed. The fact that Ruby Bridges attended an all-white school is radical and important. I want people to know that. We went over it in history class as if it was nothing and that to me is inexcusable. That is how much of my education about black history in school has gone and I’m not for that. 

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She’s still alive today and did a TEDtalk recently.
And she’s not 6 years old anymore








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this is why its depressing to work in a pharmacy.

I was definitely a profit killer when I worked in a pharmacy (which honestly was my favorite job in the entire world, but it was short-lived and nowadays you can’t work at a pharmacy like that, it’s all tied in with corporate retail and no one should ever trust me with a cash register ever). It was not, however, actually a profit killer for the pharmacy, just for the drug companies, so no one cared. These days I do medical billing, which means I actually bill OUT from hospitals so I’m mostly spending my professional time taking money away from insurance companies. 

I will now impart all of my profit killing resources onto you, in case you don’t know them. I think most of you know them, now. But just in case you don’t.


1. GoodRx – this thing has an app now, so you can look up the best places to get your expensive medicines at the lowest possible prices without insurance on the go, and you no longer have to print coupons because you can just hand over your phone or tablet. Times have changed for the better with GoodRx. Definitely use it before trying to fill your scrip, because it will tell you the best place to go. (You can do that on the website, too.)

2. NeedyMeds – Needymeds is basically the clearinghouse of drug payment assistance. They have their own discount cards, but also connections to many patient assistance programs run by drug companies themselves. They are good assistance programs, too.

3. Ask your county – This is not a link. This is a pro tip. Most county social services will have pharmacy discount programs for people with no and/or shitty pharmaceutical coverage. You can often just find them hanging around at social services offices; you can just pick one up and walk off with it. 

4. Ordering online – There are a few safe online pharmacies. I keep a little database in a text file on my computer. Most of them are courtesy of CFS forums, my mother or voidbat, so a lot of that is a hat tip to other people, but if you’re in need of a place to get a drug without a prescription … first I’ll make sure you 100% know what you’re doing for safety reasons and then I’m happy to turn over a link. 

5. Healthfinder – A government resource that helps find patient assistance programs in your area. This might also point out the convenient county card thing. RxHope is something a lot of people get pointed to via Healthfinder that’s a good program.

6. Mental Health America – Keeps a list of their best PAPs for psychiatric medications, which can be some of the most expensive and a lot of pharmacy plans don’t cover them at all. 

This is so important ppl.

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Good Rx Saved my family a hundred dollars a month while I was getting signed up for CHIP
seriously it’s a lifesaver especially for ridiculously expensive drugs like abilify