He Realized Who He Was


He Realized Who He Was

Like always, the world was darkness, and then blinding light.

Sound came first, like thunder.


It was his own voice, but he hadn’t opened his mouth. His teeth were clenched, and he could feel his body running.


That sounded like Hayes, one of the students in his war games sessions.

“Drop it!”

That was a teacher, but he couldn’t remember which one.

Too much, too fast.

He opened his…

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He Realized Who He Was


A new book of mine from Link Editions.

Astronaut Luggage is a collection of short texts written along the last years and circulated online, rearranged around five main
topics: the Apocalypse, commodities, drones, history and politics.
Adopting the forms of the essay and the short story, Rothstein sets
himself in an “atemporality” that allows him to tell stories in which
the distinction between reality and fiction is not important. As he
writes in the introduction: “None of these stories are true, but none of
them are false, either. These distinctions are not the point, at least
not immediately. The difference between fact and fantasy are important,
just not right here and now. In an atemporal dimension, all of these
things happen simultaneously. Whether for good or ill, the speculation
of these stories is speculation that occurs in the midst of this world,
not outside of it.”

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