can you all signal boost this please




straight from my doctor’s mouth: if you’re in california and were born between 1964-1989 you need to go get a measles booster. at the time you only had one dose of mmr, and now you do two. before 1964 you did two. if you’re in southern california…

Fellow Gen X’ers and Gen Y: guess what we’ve gotta do. The MMR sent me into seizures and at 42…I’ll do this if I have to because measles are worse. If you travel/work with frequent travelers, in food service, w/ children, or in health care, or come in contact with any of those groups through social/familial relationships: GET A BOOSTER regardless of where you live. Antivaxxers ( including Autism Speaks) have already caused Whooping Cough outbreaks and deaths, Measles outbreaks and deaths…how many people have to get sick and die before we weigh an individual belief that has no scientific basis AT ALL against the public health and determine that the common welfare is not served by allowing a beliefs exemption on vaccinations?

Luckily I got an MMR, mid last year. But fuck. Go get your jabs.

can you all signal boost this please