Still working on this. I need about $300, at this point. If the services listed below are of interest, drop a line, and there’s also the Patreon Project, which will be seeing more action in the coming days and weeks.

And Thanks.


Because I’m still trying to figure out the money to get to Albuquerque, NM in the middle of next month, this is one of those posts where I tell you that I am REALLY fucking good at Research, Editing, Conceptual Consulting, Writing, event planning, & thinking.

While I specialise in philosophy, ritual theory, magical and occult studies, the implications of human augmentation and machine consciousness, and epistemology in re: social constructions of reality, if you pay me money I will do these things for YOUR projects.

That is all.

Where did you learn to make those delicious crustinis??

My Brain! 😀

…Well. That’s not the whole of it.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved to cook and create food and flavour combinations, and as a kid I even had the idea that I might open a restaurant, someday.

My parents and grandparents and extended family pretty much all cook in various modes and styles, so that was a constant exposure.

In elementary school we had an afterschool program, part of which included various cooking lessons from different cuisines around the world, so that was another.

After that, at such a young age and in combination with the kinds of curiosity and drive toward experimentation my parents fostered in me, it was pretty much inevitable that I’d keep playing with my food.

Add to (or it’s because of?) all of that that I have a pretty great palette-imagination, and here we are 🙂

So, in summation: I like fancy dinner parties, creatively playing with my food, fire, and knives.


Where did you learn to make those delicious crustinis??