The Ghost In The MP3

Can’t believe I missed this project …

Audio experiment by Ryan Maguire put together the sounds that are lost in MP3 compression (in this case the track ‘Tom’s Diner’ by Suzanne Vega which was used to test the algorithm whilst in development):

“moDernisT” was created by salvaging the sounds lost to mp3 compression from the song “Tom’s Diner”, famously used as one of the main controls in the listening tests to develop the MP3 encoding algorithm. Here we find the form of the song intact, but the details are just remnants of the original.

A video was also put together demonstrating the effect visually:

How this was done can be found here


Hope For Agoldensummer, I Bought A Heart Made Of Art In The Deep, Deep South

I’ve been waiting for them to put this album on their bandcamp, for EVER.

Please. PLEASE: Spend some time with this album. Listen to it A LOT. Preferably between the hours of 1 and 4am. Driving through the dark with someone you love. Or sitting on the internet alone. Or sharing secrets with someone you think you can love.

Trust me. Do it.



Hope for Agoldensummer, ‘Laying Down the Gun’. I found this album when I was working with Roomie at the bookstore, tucked into a box of books someone dropped off with a note saying they didn’t want anything back, just put the credit on their account. I took it home because of that little drawing on it. It’s now one of my favourite albums.



I have a new EP out! Available only at Bandcamp, you can buy it for $8 digital, or $10 physical shipping out February 3. Produced by Mikal kHill, with guest vocals by kHill, Sulfur and Mega Ran! Buy at this link, or through the embedded thingamabob above. 

I made this album with kHill in my ear, telling me to make the music I wanted to. And I’d say I did. It’s the best rapping I’ve done in a long time. It’s some of the more meaningful songs I’ve done in a while. And I’m very proud of it. It’s a commitment I’m making to myself, and making to you as well — to recommit myself to making the best music I can for you. It’s something that artists should do once in a while, take personal stock and re-up with themselves. We all slack off sometimes in whatever we do, but we recommit. We make good shit. I’m making that commitment to you today, and this EP is a good start on that.

I hope you’ll support by purchasing it. This is my full-time job, and the only way I can keep touring, keep making music, keep this site running is if I can sell enough merch and music along the way to keep the lights on. But you know that. You’re a part of the DIGITAL REVOLUTION, so I don’t need to tell you that. And I don’t need to tell you that if you can’t support, share it, listen to it, and enjoy it, and support where you can. There’s a lot of people out there trying to make their dream happen. Thank you for helping mine happen.

Come out and see me and Mikal on tour! Maybe I’ll do a sweet dance for you:

Feb. 27 
– Pittsburgh Comics – Pittsburgh, PA (facebook event) *FREE*
Feb. 28
 – Shumatsucon – Columbus, OH
Mar. 1Green Brain Comics – Dearborn, MI (facebook event) *FREE*
Mar. 3 – TBA – Minneapolis, MN
Mar. 4 – Legend Comics – Omaha, NE (facebook event) *FREE*
Mar. 5 – Challengers Comics – Chicago, IL (facebook event)
Mar 6 – Singers Karaoke Club – Syracuse, NY  (facebook event)
Mar. 7 – Bombers Burrito Bar – Albany, NY (facebook event)