Help me send a comic book care package to a struggling friend

The wonderful green haired lady in the first picture is my dear friend Deb, known as perforatedsanity here on tumblr.

Since about August of last year, she has been battling a chronic physical illness compounded with an antibiotic resistant infection that nearly killed her.  The lasting impacts have been severe.  She is now permanently wheelchair bound, and with it comes a host a new and unpleasant issues on top of her old ones.  Fortunately, her bare needs are being met.

But Deb and I met because of our shared love of comics.  Deb is a long time member of the Carol Corps, and we met for the first time at NYCC.  Due to both physical and financial straights, Deb has been unable to read or buy comics.  I know comics have always been something that brings her great joy, and she could use the lift right now.

My goal is to fill a Priority Mail Flat Rate box with comics to ship down to her, as well as filling a notebook (decked out in Carol Corps colors) with words of love and encouragement during this struggle.

One way or another, a box will be sent down to her, but I am currently part-time employed at minimum wage, so my resources are pretty limited.  Hence my request for help.

How you can help:

  • Gift Cards.  Either Midtown Comics or InStockTrades offer gift cards.  (Please send them to
  • Direct donations through paypal.  (Also to
  • Physical comics.  Within reason, I will accept physical donations of books as well.  At this time, I am not giving out her address, but will be using my own house as a sorting place.  Please message me if you’re interested in sending physical things.
  • Kind thoughts.  Every reblog and message shall be written down in my book.  Even if you can’t give money, please send a kind word along, either to me to write in my book, or to her tumblr directly.
  • Signal boosting.  My friend is in a really rough place, and I want to do as much as I can for her.  Anything you can do, even if it’s just a reblog, helps a lot.

Signal boost. Might be nice to include something for River, Deb’s service dog, too. 


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